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Regular products
  Treated Poles

The poles that we have on offer range in various sizes. We offer poles of up to 18 meters.

Lathes (latte)

Our lathes also range in various lengths and sizes.

Treated Planks

We specialise in treated pine plank, we do offer customers solutions with regards to other types of wood.

Wall shingles

Wall shingles is a relatively new technique to South Africa, it requires special attention to set up but looks extraordinary as a finish.

Garden Products
The different types of wood products that one can find are immense and it is therefore impractical for us to stock everything that we can produce. We do, however, have the practical knowledge and know-how to manufacture basically any product relating to the timber industry (some things do not apply but you can ask us what).

For this purpose we offer you, the client, a service where you can order what you need and we then assemble the range for you.

Garden Edging

We have garden edging available, ranging in sizes from 200mm to 400mm, we can also customize sizes according to specific needs.


Gazebos can vary from size to size depending on its specific purpose. We create panels that can be put together on-site.

Garden Walks

Different types of cuts and sizes for different purposes.


We manufacture different types of panels that can be used for different purposes - typically it is used a a type of fence.

Flower Tables

We offer these tables as a solution to nurseries, it acts as a display for flowers and can be made according to specific sizes.

Special products & Services
If there is anything that you require that you cannot find through the normal channels in the industry – then we could probably provide it. Obviously there are some products that are impossible to manufacture, but we have always tried our best to go out of way to produce results.

We have participated in various building projects and we can offer advice and/or solutions to certain projects.

Apart from the above we also offer solutions to projects from fences to lapas and thatching.

Timber Houses

We have the expertise to advice you and/or to build or help with timber housing projects.

Thatching / lapas

We can build lapas or give you advice on how to build one and we offer thatching solutions.

Fences / Timber structures

We have extensive knowledge about game farm fencing and can offer you solutions and products on this and other timber structures.


Houtbosloop Timber Products was one of the first producers of garden edging in South Africa, we were also the first in using wire as a strengthening method of joining the poles, after SABS approved CCA treatment was applied.

Up until now we have only targeted the larger companies for our products, but recently we decided that it was time to enter the smaller market – thus allowing companies and resellers the benefit of a lowered price to their consumers.

Our production on garden edging through the years has proved that August and especially September experiences an increase in sales. Because of this we have decided to start our production on garden edging and other garden products earlier than before, allowing us to provide for when the need arises. Some companies might benefit from placing orders now until later the year whereas some might prefer to only place their orders later – whatever be, we have operations in place to ensure that all runs smooth.

Our normal production is 200, 300 and 400mm and on request we can do any other lengths, this goes for fences, gazebos, panels and most of our other products.

For nurseries we have started producing plant tables to display smaller plants. The wood for these tables are treated to ensure that no rotting takes place. These tables can be manufactured in any size in order to suit the different requirements of one’s display.

For more information on any of our products phone Johan Jordaan on:

083 7044 125

Wooden Furniture
An additional service that we offer is in the field of carpentry & especially wooden furniture.

We have been producing wooden furniture for quite some time now, but only for private use. I was only recently that we decided to offer these services to the public, after the excellent feedback that we received from friends & family.

Currently we carry limited stock and focus more on orders as they come in.

For more information on this please email houtbos@vodamail.co.za and go and check our our Photo Album for more images.
available soon


We offer beautifully crafted funrniture, offering our own designs - in some cases incorporating your designs and ideas!

available soon


Other products like doors, window frames, shelves - on order we can custom design certain products.

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